All Wars Memorial
Dedicated to all who sacrificed to assure our freedom

The All Wars Memorial is a living memorial "dedicated to all who sacrificed to assure our freedom." In addition to being a memorial, this is an opportunity for the survivors of war, to recognize and honor men and women who returned from the direct experience of war as well as families, friends and loved ones who experienced the impacts of war indirectly.

The All Wars Memorial is located at Oak Hill Park, 3005 Stone Valley Road in Danville, California.

The Memorial is accessible by wheelchair, and begins with a gentle climb along a pathway on the periphery of Oak Hill Park leading up to a healing space, nestled among some young trees and shrubs at an elevated location. The spiral path, a metaphor for the rhythm of life, gently rises with the sloping site. The topography is shaped to echo the path. A short way along the path, opposite a stone wall, are two figures, cast in bronze, depicting the scope of American wars. One of the bronze figures is wounded and the other is helping that figure reach the healing space through an area of wild flowers and grasses.

As the path winds higher, you reach a long stone wall bordering the path containing bronze liberty panels in bas-relief with depictions of important historical people and events associated with various battles from the Revolution to the current War on Terror. You walk, rising above the flat topped wall, overcoming it, to look outward on the surrounding hills and down on the park below. The last liberty panel includes depictions of the following themes: sacrifice and service, survived and returned, family, living memorial, coming home and reunion. As the stone wall de-materializes at the final wind of the spiral, your attention is drawn back as you achieve the highest elevation. The granite path culminates in a space of reflection, for healing cannot occur without liberating the heart and mind.

A short way up the entry path to the Memorial is a separate pathway leading to a Historical Quotation Wall. This Quotation Wall is made of polished granite and is inscribed with selected historical quotations from the Revolution forward in time. The theme of these quotations is that Freedom is not Free.

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